Friday, March 02, 2007

Prague TV Tower

This crazy looking thing is actually a radio tower!!! It has these creepy bronze babies crawling all over it created by the Czech sculptor David Cerny.


timothee de place said...

Run! It's an infestation!
Those sculptures are awesome.
I wish someone would do something creative like that out here in L.A.
How is work going in Prague?

Maleficium said...

What the?!!!! This is awesome but scary. What if babies could crawl on walls? That would be cool....and kinda

mai s kemble said...

Oksana! i knew you had a website or something! I am officially jealous of you because Prague is beautiful!! I think these sculptures are incredible.
Go kick some ass with your art! (and they should cast you for some crazy queen from those photos in the robe... hee hee! )
Cheers! Good to see you! I put a link to your page on my blogspot.

the_russian_spy said...

Mai! Great to hear from you. Love your stuff! It's so fresh and enchanting. Yeap, I"m still in Prague. It's snowing here again. I was just about to pack my winter stuff and ship it back home, but I guess winter is not quite over.